Terms and Conditions

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Important Please Read

I have read and understand all items contained in this registration

If paying by credit card complete form and then CALL 800-391-1004 with credit card information. If paying by check or money order complete form and send check IN US FUNDS to MB Golf Wizard P.O. Box 6864 Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Deposit Due upon Entry – Final Payment in Full by September 10, 2021 – Cancellation Policy is as follows. $25.00 Cancellation Fee per person from Registration Date until June 1, 2021 – $150.00 Cancellation Fee per person from June 2, 2021 – September 1, 2021 – $250.00 Cancellation Fee per person September 2, 2021 – October 10, 2021. Any cancellations after October 10, 2021 may not receive any refunds. No shows receive No Refunds


We are attempting to make the rules for the tournament as simple as possible as this event is designed to be FUN along with the competitive aspect of a tournament.

You are assigned a PRELIMINARY flight based on the average of your first 3 rounds. If you have chosen to participate in the Senior, Super Senior or Women’s flights instead of the regular flights, you will be in those flights from the first round on! The MAXIMUM score on any hole for all rounds is DOUBLE PAR. Eg: Par 3 Maximum score will be a 6, Par 4 maximum score will be an 8, etc. If you reach double par pick up your ball. No Gimmies. Must Putt in!

Again to further minimize “Sandbagging”, your OFFICIAL Flight will be determined after your round on WEDNESDAY. In effect, first 3 rounds will determine your OFFICIAL Flight. With the exception of Senior, Super Senior or Ladies Flights. ALL 5 ROUNDS will be used in the total scoring. Regardless of your flights. Regular Men will play from the “White or Regular Tees”, Seniors 62-69 and Super Senior 70+ will play from the “Designated Senior Tees” and Ladies  will play from the “RED Tees”

In the event of inclement weather – If a round is rained out, 4 rounds will be used for the tournament. If a round is cut short or interrupted by weather and 75% of the players have completed at least 6 holes, the scores will be adjusted and carried forward for the remaining holes. Example – Player completes 6 holes and is 8 over par = Final score will be 24 over par. If a player completes 9 holes and is 6 over par = Final score will be 12 over part Etc. Players may still choose to play during inclement weather. The course will determine the rain check policy. There will be no refunds for cancelled rounds due to weather. Rain checks will be given if the course cancels play. As long as the course is playable, the individual course has the complete discretion whether or not to issue rain checks. The tee markers for Men, Seniors and Ladies are shown on the daily Pairing Sheets included in your packet. Long Drive and Close to pin holes are also contained on the daily pairing sheets.

You may improve your lie (bump your ball) at anytime, anywhere throughout the course, except any hazard. You MAY NOT improve your lie if you are anywhere in a hazard. Please respect all out of bounds signs, environmental areas, and homeowner property. You may retrieve your ball if it enters a home owner’s yard but IN NO INSTANCE can you play your ball from private property. Many of the courses may designate “Free Drop” from plant beds etc. Please be aware of these signs.

If your Tee ball should go out of bounds or enter a hazard, water or otherwise, you may drop your ball 2 club lengths from the point of entry no closer to the hole or play from the designated drop area, take a one stroke penalty and continue play. Do not re-tee your ball at any time. There are no Mulligans. Please limit your search for lost balls.

In order to speed up awards presentation on Friday evening we will be giving out the flag prizes each morning to those people that won the day before, with the Friday Flag Prizes given at the Banquet. You may only win 2 flag prizes total during the week.

On the designated Closest to pin PAR 3 – Men’s and Ladies will have separate markers and may be on the SAME par 3. Please place your name on the proximity marker and leave it where the ball came to rest.

Longest Drive Hole – Must be in the fairway – Men’s and Ladies separate markers may be on the same hole. Please enter your name on the proximity marker if you are the farthest.

If You Finish Your Round (your last hole) on the long drive hole please pick up the marker and take to tournament staff. If you are an A group on the hole, leave it for the B group. If you are the B group then pick it up.

If You Finish Your Round (your last hole) on the closest to the pin hole please take the marker to tournament staff.

 Please turn your score card into the Tournament Staff as soon as you finish your round. Please be sure your full name, First & Last is legible on the card. IF A SCORE CARD IS NOT TURNED IN YOU MAY CONTINUE TO PLAY BUT YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE TOURNAMENT. PLEASE DO NOT PLAY IN! E.g. If you finish on #16 DO NOT PLAY #17 & #18 etc.

Myrtle Beach golf Wizard is to be held harmless and not liable for any incident, injury, error or omission as a result of any activity sponsored or co-sponsored by Myrtle Beach Golf Wizard LLC during this entire event.

Please take care of the people at the course bag drop; they will be working hard to insure you have a great time.

If you want to enter the skins competition, tables will be set up in the Conference Center on Sunday night during the welcome party.

Once again THANK YOU for attending. Now LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!