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Dear Golfer,

On behalf of the Management and Staff I would like to personally thank you for allowing Myrtle Beach Golf Wizard to plan your golf vacation. If there is anything that we can do to make your stay more enjoyable please contact us at 1-800-391-1004.

There are certain things that we can control, but unfortunately there is one that we cannot. That is the WEATHER. The following will hopefully explain our, Rain / Refund / No Show Policy.


Each individual golf course has its own policy regarding rain & refunds by which we as golf providers must adhere.

The normal position each course takes is as follows

1. It is the responsibility of the golfer to show up at the designated course for his reserved T-Time.
2. If the course chooses not to open, or the start of your round is not eminent, the course in most cases will mark the voucher NO CHARGE. In this event you must call MB Golf Wizard. Upon verification with the course you will receive a full refund.
3. In some cases the course may issue a rain check. In this event we cannot issue a refund, as MB Golf Wizard will be charged for your round.
4. If you start to play and the course suspends or cancels play for the day, the course will in almost every instance will issue only a rain check. These rain checks are usually good for up to 2 years and are transferable (depending on the course).
5. If you complete 9 holes and the course cancels or suspends play they will usually issue only a 9-hole rain check. These rain checks are also transferable and good for the same amount of time.
6. If the course is OPEN & PLAYABLE and you do not report for your reserved T-Time MB Golf Wizard will always be charged. Therefore we cannot issue any refunds regardless of the circumstances.


Most Myrtle Beach area golf courses strictly adhere to the wearing of proper golf attire. Golf course definition of proper golf attire is collared shirt and pants or shorts. In no instance are T-shirts, Tank Tops, Jeans or cut off shorts acceptable. Courses may at their discretion refuse service with no refund.


We at Myrtle Beach Golf Wizard will at your request contact the course in question for you to obtain their specific policy. You must call us at least 1 hour prior to your reserved T-Time. We will call the course and let you know what options are available to you. We will always attempt to accommodate your specific request. If your scheduled T-Time is earlier than our operating hours it will be your responsibility to contact the course.       HOWEVER the FINAL decision is up to the specific golf course.

If you need any golf assistance or information during your stay please contact any member of Myrtle Beach Golf Wizard.

Thank you for choosing Myrtle Beach Golf Wizard.


Golf Department

MB Golf Wizard - PO Box 6864 - Myrtle Beach, SC 29572